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“Better I'm The Last One Alive Than A Soul Denied”

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The Blessed Resistance is a fan community unlike any other. From the very inception of Demon Hunter, our fans have proven their devotion time and again. I know this sounds cliché, and you’ve probably heard other bands speak similarly about their fans. The difference is that we can prove it. From hundreds of tattoos, loads of fan art, and lyrics etched into gravestones, it has become clear to us that the culture surrounding this band is anything but typical.

We started the Blessed Resistance in 2007 as an outlet to bring us even closer to our fans. What we hope to offer you now is more than just insight into the band and a handful of goodies, but an in-depth and very personal portal into our lives, interests, influences, and more—with an extremely heavy dose of what makes Demon Hunter tick. Our goal is to raise the bar for fan communities at large, and we believe we’re in a position to do just that. 

TBR is part lifestyle blog, part Demon Hunter-centric editorial, part educational outlet, and part clothing label, just to scratch the surface. We’ve done our best to conceive of unique content that we believe will resonate with the fans, but we also want to create content that adapts to you. We will frequently ask about the kinds of things you’d like to see, and do our best to curate a more personalized experience for all of you.

Ryan Clark & Demon Hunter

What's Inside

Music & Podcasts

The Blessed Resistance offers members never-before-heard demos, exclusive podcasts, music video commentaries, as well as a new members-only exclusive song every year.

Exclusive Videos

From deluxe album features to personal and candid videos, TBR is the only place for truly exclusive, consistent video content directly from the members of Demon Hunter.

Written Content

Frequent and in-depth blogs spanning a wide range of subjects from songwriting to tattoos, classic albums, health and fitness, recording, branding, deep lyrical dives, and more.

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